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We are the Gaming and Technlogy Service Provider

Spade Style Gaming LLC is the premier eGaming and tech services company operating in the United Arab Emirates. We offer various gaming services both online and offline. We bring the newest and brightest games on the market that are accessible to all.

Founded in 2023, we are an upcoming company with a sight set for the sky while trying to reach people from all environments. We want to provide services that are accessible for all and provide the best experience in a diverse society such as the UAE.

Our mission is to provide one of the most trustworthy and socially rewarding gaming experiences in the UAE. Following the industry trend, the expected turnover of a well-oiled company would bring a turnover of up to 20,000,000 AED. We plan to use this platform of ours, to keep providing the best services available for the modern eGaming world and only look to exceed the potential ceiling.

With partnering companies such as GI Consulting in India who have had success with various clients will help us have a seamless entrance into the market, we are expecting that their experience will only provide us with better services than ever before and help us be a pioneering standard in the market.

We are also consulting with well-endowed IT experts such as Cakewalk for best IT practices and knowledge in the modern-day UAE.

Building upon the success of our flagship products, we will continue to add engaging new content, creating a regionally focused, integrated ecosystem dedicated to fulfilling our users' evolving online and offline gaming needs.

To commence this journey, we are coming up with an application named KINZWIN which will offer games like Carrom, Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladder, Pool, Tetris, Archery, Disc Football and Carrom.

Our aim while launching KINZWIN is to engage users in a trustworthy and socially rewarding experience where they can connect globally and the idea of incentivizing our users with exclusive and real-world prizes is what will keep a gamers community together.


Ludo is probably one of the oldest board games with thousands of followers playing online or traditionally. Usually, you can play it with two or four players. The game contains a board divided into four, and dice used by the players in their turns. Each player has 4 tokens coloured in different ways for each player. The target of the game is to order the checkers first in the finish area. Whichever player gets all their tokens to the finish line wins the game.

Snakes & ladder

Snakes and Ladder is a board game for two or more players and is also one of the most popular games worldwide. Each player starts with a token on the starting grid. Players take turns rolling a die to move their token by the number of squares indicated by the die rolled. Tokens follow a fixed route marked on the gameboard which usually follows a track from the bottom to the top of the playing area. Passing once through every square. With many hurdles (snakes who bite the token and bring the player back various boxes) in the game, the first one to reach the top wins.


Online archery games typically simulate the experience of shooting a bow and arrow. Players take on the role of an archer and aim to hit targets or enemies with their arrows. The gameplay mechanics may vary, offering different levels of challenge and complexity. Players may have the option to customise their archers, bows, and equipment, either through in-game progression or in-app purchases. Players completing challenges and achieving objectives may earn rewards, experience points, or in-game currency to unlock new content and enhance their archer's abilities.


Chess is a two-player board game that is widely regarded as one of the oldest and most strategic games in the world. The objective of chess is to checkmate the opponent's king, putting it in a position where it cannot escape capture. The game is played on a square board divided into 64 squares of alternating colors, typically black and white. It is known for its complexity and depth, making it a game of skill, strategy, and foresight. It has been played for centuries and remains a popular pastime, both in traditional board form and online through various platforms and apps


Carrom is a popular tabletop game that originated in India. It is played on a square board with four pockets in the corners and is similar to billiards or pool in its gameplay mechanics. The objective of the game is to pocket all the carrom men (also known as coins or discs) of one's colour before the opponent does the same.

Disc Football

The game is played with a flying disc (frisbee) and involves passing the disc among teammates to score points by catching the disc in the opposing team's end zone. It is a non-contact sport that requires speed, agility, and precise throwing skills.


It is a popular cue sport played on a rectangular table with pockets along the edges. The objective of the game is to use a cue stick to strike the cue ball, which then hits the numbered object balls into pockets.


The objective of Tetris is to manipulate falling geometric shapes called "tetrominoes" to create complete rows of blocks without any gaps. When a row is completed, it clears from the screen, and the player scores points. Players earn points by completing rows. The more rows you clear simultaneously, the more points you earn. Clearing multiple rows with a single tetromino is referred to as a "Tetris." The scoring system is typically based on the number of rows cleared in one move.

What We Offer

Gaming streaming social media platform

Allows gamers to live-stream their gameplay, interact with their audience, and build a community around their gaming passion.

Gaming engine operation

This refers to the underlying software framework responsible for rendering graphics, physics, and mechanics in video games, enabling game development and player experiences.

Gaming development services

Encompass a range of expertise, from designing and programming games to creating art, audio, and testing, to help bring interactive entertainment concepts to life.

Online gaming services

Platform for gamers to connect, compete, and collaborate with others worldwide, offering multiplayer experiences and access to a variety of games.

Web designing

Specialize in creating visually appealing and functional websites that cater to businesses' and individuals' unique online needs.

Database system design

Structuring and optimizing data storage and retrieval methods to efficiently manage and organize information for specific applications or organizations.

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